Functional Programming in JavaScript

JavaScript offers several programming constructs that support functional programming. Some of them are filter, map and reduce and can all be found as part of the Array object. Here's some »

Isn't Internet Explorer 5 Dead in 2015?

According to Net Market Share, Internet Explorer 5 registers no market share and Internet Explorer 7 has 0.28% (about 1/4 of one percent) market share on the desktop »

Date.prototype.getYear() Doesn't Work

Here's an example of the getYear function: We instantiated a Date object and then called the getYear function which returned the value 115. Not quite the result that would be »

Do Document Fragments Still Make Web Pages Faster?

Document Fragments are something I haven't seen used much in the wild but is something that can make your web pages faster and is available in all modern web browsers. »

Self-Memoizing Functions Can Be Orders of Magnitude Faster

Whenever you have a function that needs better performance, you may be able to have it memoize its results (or keep its previous results in a cache). This works for »

Ninja + Clean Code = Enlightenment

I've been reading John Resig's book "Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja" lately. It's a great book and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to step-up their JavaScript game. Also, »