Why JavaScript Doesn't Handle Money Very Well and How To Fix It

When building JavaScript applications that perform calculations involving money, you may be surprised with the results it produces. For example, 1.01 + 2.02 = 3.0300000000000002. This probably isn't the »

Visual Studio Code - JavaScript Editor Hotness

If you're interested in increasing your coding productivity, you may want to give Visual Studio Code a spin. Like many of the other popular editors, it has the following benefits: »

Learning on The Go - Gaming Edition

Since my interest in game development was sparked in 2013, I've found some podcasts that have helped me learn about the gaming business. Here they are: Experimental Game Dev Podcast »

Chromebooks and Desktop Apps Part 2

In this post, I'll go into more detail on an app I developed for Chrome OS (Chromebooks/Chromebox/Chromebase) and the Chrome Web Store. The game is called The 50 »

Learn on the Go

I'm a big fan of what the late Zig Ziglar called "Automobile University". Basically, listening to educational tapes and CD's in your car. The modern-day version of this is listening »

Chromebooks and Desktop Apps

You may have read some news about Chromebooks lately. It's user base is growing every day. So what are Chromebooks? Basically, they are low-cost laptops running Chrome OS (a Linux »